Our Approach

InCube Ventures is a specialized fund focusing on breakthrough innovations in medicine. Since our founding in 2008, we have funded promising healthcare innovations from obesity and chronic pain to personal health management and cardiac care. Our objective is to identify, nurture and grow companies with the potential to dramatically improve patient outcomes. We are not interested in incremental improvements, rather we look for those companies with solutions that can set new standards of care and reduce healthcare costs. Some of the companies we fund come out of InCube Labs, Mir Imran's research and development lab, and others come from the outside. Our team reviews hundreds of business plans a year and meets with dozens of entrepreneurs. We are very thoughtful about our investments, and select a fraction of the companies we see to become part of the InCube family. Our fund consists of both institutional and individual investors that believe in our mission of radically improving healthcare. We have a diversified portfolio of early, mid and late stage life sciences companies, with a particular focus on pharma, biologics and devices.